About Us

We are passionate about one thing: seeing employees and organizations flourish.

Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to leveraging their respective strengths and experience to research and develop evidence-based solutions to fulfill our purpose. We believe that organizations play a strategic role in enabling their employees and the communities in which they operate flourish...these are what we refer to as “positive organizations”.

Our Purpose

We exist to develop innovative evidence-based solutions to enable individuals and organizations to find and realize their core purpose – to flourish.

Our Vision

We envision a future whereby businesses adopts a “whole-system flourishing” mindset to become positive organizations. Positive organizations take a people-first approach and acts as a catalyst to enable all stakeholders flourishing.

Our Values

  • Purpose-driven.
  • People first.
  • Evidence-based.
  • Whole-system flourishing mindset.
  • Positive and equitable value contribution for all stakeholders.
A picture of the flourishing workplaces report

Want to know more about who we are and what we offer? Check out our Flourishing Workplaces report.

Our Team

Hardy Premsukh


Ben Gottlieb, PhD

Social Psychologist

Katya Pogrebtsova, MA

PhD. Candidate (IO)

Wes Landriault

Lead Developer

Peter Hausdorf, PhD

IO Psychologist

Kyle Nash

Lead UX Designer

Sergey Mazuritsky

IO Psychologist