1. Higher job performance
2. Higher job satisfaction
3. Higher commitment to your organization
4. Higher resilience and mental wellness

Aim Higher
Build a Data-Driven, Employee-First Organization

Overwhelming evidence shows that an Employee-First approach is pivotal in building a high-performance organization. But if you have 100 (or 1,000)employees, taking care of their individual performance, needs and well-being becomes very challenging.

Unless you shift your mindset and business operating paradigm.


Organizational purpose serves as a "North Star" that inspires and guides all behaviors and decisions.

Shared Leadership

Shared leadership focuses on the growth potential of their people to do and be their best both in work and life.

Cohesive Culture

A cohesive culture based on trust is the glue that bind and propels it's people to perform their best.

A Data-Driven Platform that Unlocks
Collective Intelligence

Right Data

Employee-centric feedback gathered via research-based surveys

Deep Insights

Data analyzed by Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Effective Decisions

Strategic action planning and execution to achieve organizational goals

Measuring What Matters Most: Your Intangible Assets  

Quantify the invisible drivers and energy that fuels your organization.

Narrative Feedback – Get a Richer Perspective

Asking the right open-ended questions to get the right answers to augment the quantitative feedback.

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Empower Your People to Reach Their Full Potential Through Personalized Data, Insights and Actions

Work-Life Flourishing

Personal Effectiveness & Goal Achievement Potential

Based on our research, employees who scored in the top 10% across all five flourishing domains consistently reported more positive job attitudes and behaviors, and greater well-being than those who scored in the bottom 10%.


Better performers in their jobs


More satisfied with their jobs


Less likely to leave your organization


Less stressed

Professional Services to Optimize Performance Potential  

Workshops + Trainings

Employees’ expectations about the workplace are expanding, with many looking for employment that will provide opportunities for personal development, fulfillment, and optimal well-being.Employees are increasingly seeking to derive meaning, happiness, and social connections from their work, as well as opportunities for professional learning and personal growth.

My Work-Life Success™ is an evidence-based program designed to inspire your employees to live a meaningful-enjoyable life and empower them to reach their highest potential.Their purpose-driven intrinsic motivation will catapult them to think, feel and take goal-directed actions to perform like a STAR and realize their Future Flourishing Self™.  

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Post Survey Action Planning & Implementation

Post survey action planning is a crucial stage of the employee feedback cycle. There is an implied assumption that if you are conducting an employee assessment is that you care and would act on the feedback. Lack of follow through on employee feedback is more harmful than not collecting feedback.

It’s imperative that organizations demonstrate they value the time and opinions of survey respondents by putting a clear structure in place to act on the feedback received.

Leadership loses credibility and the willingness of employees to participate if the information collected simply ends up in the “corporate vault”.

Coaching for Success™

Achieving Work-Life Success requires significant motivational activation and focused effort. Like many peak performers in sports, performing arts, and other professionals who utilize coaches to help them harness and cultivate their potential, individuals and teams could optimize their performance by collaborating with specialized coaches.

Working with an expert coach could compress the time it takes to achieve your desired Work-Life Success™.    

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Our Clients

About Us

We are passionate about one thing: seeing employees and organizations flourish. Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to leveraging their respective strengths and experience to research and develop evidence-based solutions to fulfill our purpose.We believe that organizations play a strategic role in enabling their employees and the communities in which they operate flourish…these are what we refer to as “positive organizations”.

Our Purpose

We exist to develop innovative evidence-based solutions to enable individuals and organizations to find and realize their core purpose – to flourish.

Our Vision

We envision a future whereby businesses adopts a “whole-system flourishing” mindset to become positive organizations. Positive organization stake a people-first approach and acts as a catalyst to enable all-stakeholder flourishing.

Our Values

People first
Whole-system flourishing mindset
Positive and equitable value contribution for all stakeholders.

Our Team

Hardy Premsukh

Peter Hausdorf, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Sergey Mazuritsky, MA
IO Psychologist

Benjamin Gottlieb, PhD
Social Psychologist

Wes Landriault
Lead Developer

Mir Mehdi, MAC
Full-Stack Developer

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